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Benefits of MTP Kit Pills Through Detailed Abortion Stories

Medical abortion is one of the safest methods to end a pregnancy at home. Several women choose it over pregnancy termination with instruments and anesthesia, because it offers a more private and personal approach to an unwanted pregnancy. Also, it feels like a natural miscarriage, then a full-fledged hospitalization and invasive technique. You can also buy MTP Kit online on prescription and avail of Mifepristone 200mg and Misoprostol 800mcg without moving out of your comfort zone.

With so many benefits already mentioned about pregnancy termination pills, what more do you need? But if you want to understand more about the pros of this medical process, then read further about what people have to say about it.

How Does MTP Kit Abortion Benefit You?

When you order MTP Kit, what are the things on your mind? Probably you are looking for speedy removal of pregnancy parts from the uterus, but that is not all. Here are the feedback and general views of women who have undergone the procedure at home:

·        I wanted complete control over the procedure without interference from anyone. And was able to get it with pills. Because by following the physician’s advice and prescription, I knew how to take abortion pills, their effects, side effects, and other details.

·        The medication method helped me save big on money because I could purchase the medicines without even having to visit a physical store. I shopped on the internet and produced prescriptions for the pills and that was about it. Opting for MTP Kit online fast delivery made the experience worthwhile because I received the medication in less than a week.

·        I received the pills in a discreet package. There was a plain envelope with no details mentioning that the same contained abortion pills. This was a relief because I did not wish anyone else to know that I would terminate the pregnancy.

·        E-store I ordered the medicines from had their own department for customer care. So, I could direct my queries about my pregnancy and emotions, and receive support and care, along with healthcare advice.

·        It was easy to manage the side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, and body pain with OTC medicines. The side effects faded after a while and the pregnancy also got terminated. I used large sanitary pads for the bleeding throughout the process, and even now. Rest all, was great.

·        I had no issues with meals and rest because from home, taking the pills made it so much more comfortable to go ahead with an abortion. I could take care of myself without needing any assistance.

Final Thoughts

As you can see the majority of females reported their experiences with pregnancy termination pills, and they are on a positive note, you can trust the MTP Kit purchase for the procedure as well. There are more benefits of medical abortion if you go to look at expanded feedback and encounters of females with the pill method. But you get the larger picture already with the above-mentioned reviews.

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Get Medication Termination Process for Unplanned Pregnancy


Get Medication Termination Process for Unplanned Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy is not always welcome for women. To cope with it, you can either choose to continue with the pregnancy to full-term or terminate it with pills. If you want to get out of the pregnancy, do it early, so it gets easier to remove the products of conception from inside the uterus. To get this procedure done, you can buy online MTP Kit, which contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills, highly effective and FDA-approved.

Using the medication method is safe and you can take the pills at home. In comfort, you can decide who must accompany you during the process. But it is possible to self-manage the termination without assistance. Just make sure there is access to the emergency care unit in case of a mishap. Though the medicines rarely cause complications, if you do not use them as per the physician’s advice, it may cause health issues.

How to End an Unplanned Pregnancy with Pills?

To get over an undesirable pregnancy, you can buy MTP Kit online in USA and follow a two-step process with the medicines. Firstly, you need to orally take Mifepristone 200mg with water. And after 24 to 48 hours, initiate the administration of Misoprostol 800mcg. The former pill is an anti-progesterone. It sheds the uterine lining and stops the fetus from growing by separating it from the placenta.

·        Remember that there are two ways to administer Misoprostol. For buccal mode, take two pills in each of the cheek pouches and let those melt for half an hour, and consume without the intake of water.

·        Or, you can place a pill after the other in the vagina (200mcg pill each x 4) inside your vagina and lay down for 30 minutes to see the effect.

·        Then the prostaglandin Misoprostol pill causes uterine contractions to oust the contents of pregnancy from the womb. The encounter will cause heavy vaginal bleeding and cramping.

Some of the side effects are dizziness, tiredness, headache, body pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. But these effects are temporary and mild, usually going away after the pregnancy parts are completely out of the uterus. Following Mifepristone intake, go for ultrasonography of the uterus to know if the pregnancy parts are eliminated from the womb or not.

Final Words

To ensure you end an unplanned pregnancy, get the abortion pills at home from an internet pharmacy. Check for genuine pills and self-manage the termination procedure with ease. No need for invasive treatment and anesthesia.

Thursday, 18 August 2022

Abortion Pills and Surgical Abortion Explained in Detail

 Pregnancy termination is a process where medicine or surgery is used to remove the pregnancy tissues and the embryo from the uterus. Both the procedures are safe and legal. Access to abortion however is not equal in every part of the world. For instance, in some states, you can buy Cytolog abortion pill online on prescription, at other places, the access to pills is completely restricted. The same goes with the invasive process. In this post, we will understand how the pill method is different from the surgical one in ending a pregnancy.

What Is Medical Abortion?

You can take abortion pills if the pregnancy is less than 8 weeks gestation. Here, you need to take Mifepristone and Cytolog pills to evacuate the uterus. Mifepristone 200mg is an anti-progesterone pill taken orally with water on day 1. It sheds the endometrial lining and cuts away the fetus from the placenta and nutrition supply. You may not experience many symptoms at this point. But brown or reddish discharge may happen for a few.

Then you have to continue with Misoprostol 800 mcg (4 pills of 200mcg each) on day 2 or 3, by putting two pills at once in one of the cheek pouches and the other two in the next cheek cavity. The contents of the medicine must stay as it is for half an hour before you consume it. After which in 2 to 4 hours the bleeding shall begin. The pregnancy portions go out of the vagina because of uterus contractions, widening of the cervix, and vaginal bleeding.

Some people may not have access to Mifepristone. At such time, they can order Cytolog online and use only this pill for pregnancy termination. Purchase 12 pills in this case. You have to buccally or vaginally take 4 pills at a time and then give a gap of half an hour before starting with the next set of 4 pills, and henceforth. But the combination therapy of anti-progesterone and Cytolog will give a higher success rate.

You must visit your healthcare provider two weeks after Mifepristone intake to find out through an ultrasonographic scan of the uterus if the abortion pills worked or not. In case, the pregnancy portions are still in the womb, then an invasive treatment is required to expel the remnants from the uterus.

What Is Surgical Abortion?

Surgical pregnancy termination does not include the use of medicines. It takes a shorter time to end than medical abortion. But you cannot use it as soon as you may with abortion pills. In the medication procedure, you can order Cytolog 200mcg tab as early as 4 weeks. Surgical abortion on the other hand is more effective for pregnancies beyond 8 weeks. Here are the two ways this process can take place:

·        Vacuum Aspiration

This method is feasible for an 8 to 12 weeks old pregnancy. Here, a cannula is inserted in the cervix to go to the uterus. And then the pregnancy tissues are sucked out gently with a machine or manual pump at the cannula’s end. The surgeon may put you under local anesthesia. The whole process consumes only 10 to 15 minutes.

·        Dilation and Curettage: This method works better if you apply it for pregnancies of 13 to 24 weeks. The surgeon will soften and dilate the cervix with medicine. Simple vacuum aspiration is done at first. Then the uterus is thoroughly cleaned out with forceps or curette. Here, you may have to stay in the hospital for a day or two.

Surgical Abortion vs. Medical Abortion

In the medication process, you do not need anesthesia or surgery. And you can take pills in the privacy of your home, while you need to visit a hospital for surgical abortion. The abortion pill cost is also lower than the invasive process taking into consideration physician’s fees, hospitalization charges, etc. There is no risk for uterine damage as no use of tools exists. The access to the pills is wider online, through telemedicine, health facility, etc.

A surgical abortion causes a lower amount of bleeding and cramps. You can go home the same day or stay in observation under your healthcare provider. The recovery is faster, but there is less room for privacy here. It works for ectopic and tubal pregnancies, whereas abortion pills do not.

Final Words

Medical abortion and surgical abortion are sufficient to end an unwanted pregnancy. The method of pregnancy termination you choose depends on how further along you are into pregnancy, your health, personal preference, and others.

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Here is the Step-by-Step Procedure for Mifepristone Abortion


Here is the Step-by-Step Procedure for Mifepristone Abortion
Here is the Step-by-Step Procedure for Mifepristone Abortion

Mifepristone is an FDA-approved anti-progesterone pill that you can use in early pregnancy termination. These days, you can buy abortion pills online, so access to women’s healthcare gets simpler. However, you must know how to initiate an abortion, and which other medication you may need to successfully end a pregnancy by self-managing the same at home. In this post, we will discuss the steps and procedures of medical abortion in brief.

1.  Day 1 of Pregnancy Termination

At the start, take 200mg of Mifepristone orally with water. The pill will stop the production of progesterone (pregnancy hormone). When the hormone is absent, the uterus lining thins out and begins to shed. So, the fetus cannot stay attached to the nutrition source – the placenta. With the embryo in the womb cut off from nutrition, it stops growing and this initiates pregnancy termination.

Mifepristone does not usually cause any symptoms. For some, brown discharge is visible. Seldom you will experience cramping or pain in this stage. However, this pill alone cannot evict the pregnancy portions from the vagina. You will have to take a secondary pill – Misoprostol.

2.  On Day 2 or 3 of the Abortion Process

As understood, when you buy abortion pills online USA, you need to also purchase Misoprostol pills. The latter is a prostaglandin E1 analog known to cause uterine contractions. The pills also ripen the cervix for the easier exit of fetal remains. There are two ways to properly administer the pill. Either you can take it buccally or vaginally. The former one is preferable for those later in pregnancy, say 7 to 8 weeks of gestation as uterine contractions are stronger at that time.

In buccal mode, place two pills each in both cheek pouches for 30 minutes. Then consume the contents but do not drink water or eat anything during this duration. In the vaginal insertion method, you have to place one after the other pill inside and stay lying down for half an hour. The medicines will melt inside and start to give the desired effect.

3.  After 7 to 14 Days of Taking Mifepristone

Bleeding is usually more when the uterus is getting emptied. The same reduces as the days go by. You can expect the pregnancy to end in a week or two. For some, the bleeding even if on the lighter side can continue for 9 to 16 days. And for others, it can go up to a month or so. Remember that to understand the success of abortion pills, you must go for a follow-up visit to your healthcare provider.

The physician will guide you through scans and tests for pregnancy confirmation. In case of abortion failure, you will have to undertake an invasive process to remove the remnants from the uterus. It is recommended not to continue a partially aborted pregnancy or it will give rise to health complications and fetal deformations.

Final Words

So, if you buy abortion pills online, go through these steps so that you have a clear idea of the expectations from the procedure. These pointers will keep you prepared to better manage the procedure by yourself.

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Things to Take Care of During a Medical Abortion


Things to Take Care of During a Medical Abortion

Medical Pregnancy Termination is safe to do during the first 8 weeks of the pregnancy. However, it

has consequences such as heavy bleeding, body ache, fever, chills, cramping, etc. You can these

days buy abortion pills online and take them at home to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. But do

you know the precautions to consider and things to keep in mind for the success and safety of the

procedure? In the following post, we will discuss how to remain careful during a medical abortion


How Do Abortion Pills Work?

Before understanding the precautions to take, you must know how the medications for pregnancy

termination work:

1.  Mifepristone

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone pill. The standard dosage is a 200mg pill taken orally with water

on the first day of ending a pregnancy. The medicine helps the uterine lining to get thinner, detaching

the fetus from the uterus. The fetus then stops growing, thus, beginning the end of the pregnancy.

You may not feel any discomfort as such after intake of this medicine. But after 24 to 48 hours duration,

you need to take secondary pills.

2.  Misoprostol

The secondary pills in question are Misoprostol. You have to take these buccally. Each pill is 200mcg,

and the total dosage is 800mcg. Place two pills each in either cheek pouches and wait for the contents

to melt. After 30 minutes, consume the melted contents without water. Within a few hours of intake,

you will start to experience uterine contractions, leading to cramping and other side effects. The pill

helps to purge out the pregnancy parts from the uterus and vagina. This is associated with moderate

to heavy bleeding, including large blood clots. You need to visit a doctor for a check-up and confirm if

you are still pregnant after 14 days of finishing the medication course. To get genuine medicines, you

can always buy MTP Kit online, which comprises Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets in a single pack.

Precautions to Take During Medical Abortion

Now that you understand the working of abortion pills, here are the things to be careful of during the

termination procedure:

1.  Medicines for Side Effects

During an abortion, you may encounter cramping, nausea, and fever. To manage these side effects,

you can depend on doctor-prescribed painkillers, anti-vomiting, and fever tablets. Use these only if


2.  Supplies to Keep Handy

As you will bleed heavily, keep in stock a sufficient amount of long and absorbent sanitary pads.

To reduce the pain from cramps, you can use a hot water bag or heat pads. Also, have disposal bags

to throw away a used abortion pill pack and sanitary napkins to avert the risk of infection.

3.  Have Contact with Emergency Care

Though it is uncommon to face serious health complications if you take abortion pills as per prescription,

you must stay prepared for adversaries. Keep contact number and travel service to the nearest

emergency care in case of any severe side effects. Have someone else drive you down here

when required.

To Conclude

Taking abortion pills is risk-free for pregnancy termination if proper care tips and precautions are followed.

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Right Ways To Use MTP Kit For Medical Abortion


Right Ways To Use MTP Kit For Medical Abortion 

When it comes to terminating unwanted pregnancies with medicines, many women decide to use and buy MTP Kit online in USA. But it is important to know how to use these abortion pills correctly in order to improve the effectiveness of abortion, as well as to reduce complications related to it. Thus, here we will go over the right ways to use the MTP Kit to perform medical abortion safely. 

The first thing you need to do is to confirm your gestation age. To use the MTP Kit, your pregnancy should be up to 8 weeks or 56 days. You can do so with the help of ultrasound testing.

Similar to that, you need to ensure that you’re pregnancy isn’t ectopic. This is a form of pregnancy in which the fetus develops outside of your womb. Thus, even if you use the abortion pills as directed, your pregnancy test may still come out positive.

Let’s understand MTP Kit precisely: 

It is a combi-pack of abortion pills. It is essentially a combination of two abortion pills, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol. You will get one pill of Mifepristone pill and four pills of Misoprostol in this kit. 

An MTP Kit has an easy-to-understand dosage method. You must take the Mifepristone dose first, followed by the second Misoprostol dose. These medicines must be taken exactly as prescribed. But before you buy MTP Kit online in USA, you need to make sure that you're not allergic to any of these pills. Here we listed the simple intake method below:  

How to take abortion pills properly on your own:

As previously stated, Mifepristone is the first pill that you need to take. You need to swallow this pill with a glass of water. Keep in mind to not chew or break this pill while ingesting it. This pill works by blocking the progesterone hormone which eventually prevents your fetus from growing. Additionally, if you vomit within 30 minutes, you must take this medication again or seek medical attention.  

Misoprostol should be taken after 24 to 48 hours following the first dose. There are two ways to take this pill: buccal and vaginal. For buccal ingestion, place the pair of two pills on each side of your cheeks. Allow them to dissolve on their own. After 30 minutes of ingestion, you can swallow these pills.

Similarly, for a vaginal intake, you need to insert these pills directly into your vagina. To do so, use your fingers and gently insert one pill at a time. We recommend you be extremely careful with your fingers. 

Know the aftereffects of the abortion pills: 

You will most likely complete your abortion after 7 to 14 days of successfully consuming abortion pills. Mifepristone doesn’t cause any adverse effects, although it might induce stomach pain. Misoprostol, on the other hand, produces excessive bleeding and painful cramping for several days. It occurs because of the passage of large blood clots in order to remove fetus tissues from your uterus. This means your abortion pills are effective.

In terms of side effects, the MTP kit causes headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and stomach discomfort. These are only temporary symptoms that can be treated with medical consultation. Also, it is recommended to take normal pregnancy tests to determine whether or not your abortion was successful.

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How To Perform Medical Abortion At-Home?


How To Perform Medical Abortion At-Home?
How To Perform Medical Abortion At-Home?

Medical abortion is a termination procedure carried out with the use of medicines. This method can be performed from the moment a pregnancy starts until around 8 weeks or 56 days. You need to use the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills for medication abortion. These pills are taken either orally or through the vagina. This method doesn’t require any anesthesia as well as surgery.

How to perform a medical abortion at home? 

You must combine the two medications Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The FDA has given

the authorization to use these pills for medication

abortion. To begin with the procedure, You must first take oral Mifepristone and then

Misoprostol pills buccally or vaginally. To perform medical abortion, you can follow the below steps:

Mifepristone 200 mg: 

Take one 200mg Mifepristone pill with some water. This medication works by preventing

progesterone, which inhibits the growth of your fetus. It takes up to 24 to 48 hours to work.

Misoprostol 800 mcg: 

For buccal intake place two pills on either side of your cheeks. You must let this dissolve naturally

without swallowing it.

Similarly, for vaginal administration, you need to insert four of these pills (one at a time)directly into your vagina. Misoprostol acts by removing the fetus and other pregnancy linings from

your uterus. As a result, bleeding and cramping occur.

How can you prepare for a medical abortion?

We discussed this process and how it works; now we will go over some considerations before using

pills for medication abortion. A few of them include: 

  • A physical pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. You can use blood

  • and urine tests. 

  • You can perform an Ultrasound to know the accurate gestation period

  • as well as an ectopic pregnancy.  

  • A good understanding of its procedure, precautions, and side effects.

  • If you have an IUD, it must be removed before performing the process. 

Spend a few days at home or in a comfy environment as you experience bleeding and cramps during

the process. Get some absorbent pads, and a heated pad to ease the cramps.

What precautions do you need to take?  

Although this process is safe, there are a few things you should know before having one. You should

not use pills for medication abortion if you:

  • You had an ectopic pregnancy. As this pregnancy implants outside of the

  • uterus. Thus, if you perform this process, it will likely provide insufficient results.

  • You have a history of bleeding disorders or blood-thinning issues.

  • You've had adrenal gland problems.

  • You had an allergic response to these medications. 

  • You've been on corticosteroid treatment for a long time.

What will you feel after the medical termination process? 

After consuming these pills for medication abortion, most women recover in a week or two,

but bleeding might persist for up to a week. Cramping last for a few days. Some of the side effects

include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a mild temperature, headache, a lack of energy, and dizziness.

In the meantime, it is normal to have a range of emotions. Most women are relieved and

do not regret their decision. Others may experience sadness, guilt, or regret. Everyone's experience

is different, and there is no "right” or “wrong” to feel about it.

Benefits of MTP Kit Pills Through Detailed Abortion Stories

Medical abortion is one of the safest methods to end a pregnancy at home. Several women choose it over pregnancy termination with instrument...